Immigration Law

The immigration process is complex and not easily understood, especially when English isn’t your native language. For the best outcome and peace of mind as you navigate the immigration process, contact an experienced immigration attorney today. The Law Offices of J Thomas Smith provide immigration services for those who need assistance with the following:

Adjustment of Status

There are millions of immigrants who are granted a change in status, usually to permanent resident, each year. Obtaining this can come in various ways and your immigration attorney will explain the easiest and best way for you to go about getting an adjustment of status.

Work Visas

When you choose to work in the United States without a proper work visa, you are breaking the law and put your residency with your current visa in jeopardy. While it takes time, you will have the best outcome by waiting until you have a work visa to begin your career in America.

Removal Hearings

If you or a loved one are facing the possibility of being removed from the United States, you need a trusted attorney to represent you for your removal hearing. Attorney Smith understands what the court is looking for and will do his best to ensure that you are honestly and positively represented so that you can continue your life in America.


When you are denied a visa, you need a top notch attorney who can go through the appeals process and fight for you. You’re not alone, thousands of people seek waivers each year, and the simple fact of having to apply for one does not mean that you will never get the results for which you are in search of. Perhaps your previous attorney made a mistake which caused some problems; let Attorney Smith pick up the pieces and help you.

I-601 & I-601A Waiver


Going through the naturalization process is an important step to obtaining United States citizenship. Working with a qualified attorney who has gone through the process with thousands of clients before you will give you peace of mind as you work towards this step.

Family Based

Getting loved ones over to America to join you is most easily accomplished through a family based visa. Your attorney will explain the whole process, tell you which documents you need. Learn more about the family based immigration services we offer here.

Work With Attorney J Thomas Smith

Attorney Smith works for you to get you the results for which you’re looking. From helping you get a work visa to enable you to earn an income to support your family to handling and filing the paperwork to get the rest of your loved ones to the United States, Attorney Smith is ready to help you. For a first rate attorney who understands the complex immigration system, but can explain it easily to those who are ready to enter it, contact Attorney J Thomas Smith to set up an appointment today!

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