Family Immigration

Leaving your home country to travel to a country that may be far from your birthplace and where people speak a language that is not native to you is not an easy decision. Yet you’ve done it because you believe it will give you better opportunities for your family and career. It comes with many challenges along the way, one of which is unavoidable but not the easiest to work through: immigration. Getting your family over to the United States legally is not an easy task and one that is more easily accomplished with the assistance of an experienced family immigration attorney.

Family Based Visas

You may be able to get visas for your blood relatives, and spouse, once you’ve obtained legal residence. Family based visas require pages of documentation, which your immigration attorney can help you with.

Family Petitions

Once you are settled into your new life, you may wish to bring family members over to the United States to join you. Attorney Smith will explain the requirements of petitioning for family members to be allowed to join you and, if you’re granted such a privilege, will help you with the paperwork and documentation preparation and filling a petition for family members to join you.

Spouse Visas

Due to many fraudulent cases, spouse visas require complex documentation of the marriage with a daunting number of forms to fill out. Attorney Smith understands the process, having helped hundreds of clients go through the process. He will ensure that your documents are filled out correctly and that you meet all of the requirements before filing, to avoid wasting precious time and money. He has the answers to all your questions, and if you have one that he has yet to encounter, he has the resources to get you an answer in a timely manner.

Work With Attorney J Thomas Smith

Attorney Smith is focused on helping you with your immigration issues. From discovering if you are eligible to obtaining the documentation and filing the pages of paperwork, he is available to help you navigate the path to citizenship with minimal effort on your part. His experience in doing this for numerous individuals allows him to understand the steps and explain them to you in clear, simple terms so that you know what is going on at all times. To schedule an appointment for an initial consultation, contact him today.

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